Thursday, March 9, 2017

Why Hire An Electrician: Possible Consequences of DIY Electrical Work

In theory, do-it-yourself projects save homeowners time and money. If a project is simple enough, why wait and pay for a professional’s services?
This logic isn’t foolproof when one considers hiring an electrician. A homeowner’s smallest mistake in attempting electrical tasks could have serious consequences. 
Electrical fires
One likely risk is electrical fires – commonly caused by faulty installations, incompatible parts, and defective wiring. A professional electrician can ensure none of these occur through a job well and thoroughly done.
Take the seemingly straightforward task of replacing a light fixture. Do-it-yourselfers may manage the act of unscrewing the old bulb and screwing on the new, but they might overlook the kind of bulb needed for the job.
Professionals would not only check the wattage needed for an installation. They would also inspect switches, cords, and nearby wiring, to make sure turning on the new bulb does not light up a network of hazards.