Monday, October 3, 2016

Four Tasks Homeowners Should Always Leave to Professional Electricians

While it’s good to be handy around the house, there are just some tasks you should never attempt on your own. Electrical projects, for example, can cause fire and health hazards when done incorrectly. If you’re looking to change the wirings in your home, make sure to hire a skilled electrician for the following types of jobs.

Installing New Outdoor Lighting

If your house didn’t previously have any wiring outside, call an electrician before trying to install any form of outdoor lighting. Contractors will make sure that the wiring is properly grounded outdoors so all the light fixtures you end up using will work as intended, even if they’re all on at the same time. You can also ask for your electrician’s opinion on the best type of lighting for the outdoors that can withstand the elements.

Adding New and Improved Outlets

It’s always convenient to have many outlets around the house. While you’re in the process of installing new ones, perhaps you should consider replacing the existing outlets with ground fault circuit interrupters or GFCIs. These are the much safer options since they automatically shut off the electrical power circuit if current flowing in an unintended path is detected. This is particularly useful when water reaches outlets or a person accidentally puts a finger in the outlet, avoiding electrocution risks. You can upgrade your outlets one step further by adding built-in USB ports as well.

Replacing Outdated Light Fixtures

Replacing light fixtures sounds like an easy enough job, but don’t take it too lightly. If you put in a new fixture that has the wrong wattage, you might cause a huge electrical problem. It’s best to call a qualified electrician so you can save yourself from all that hassle.

Fixing Problems with the Circuit Breaker

Circuits that trip often is a sign of major problems that need your electrician’s immediate attention. It might be time to make some upgrades to help avoid these. Electricians are the only people qualified to upgrade circuit breaker panels, so be sure to get in touch with one.

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