Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Two Types of Surge Protection Your Electrician Would Recommend

Computers, expensive entertainment systems, and even HVAC systems can all benefit from surge protection. If voltage suddenly drops or surges, the change in current flow can seriously damage anything that runs on electricity. Get the peace of mind you deserve by having the right type of surge protection in your home. The basic types of surge protection are surge suppressors and surge arresters. Here's what you need to know.

Surge Suppressors

A surge suppressor is a device that protects electronic devices from power surges by intercepting excess voltage before it has a chance to do any damage. It's usually in the form of a small box with a power switch and multiple outlets and a three-wire cord that goes into a wall outlet.
A semiconductor called metal oxide varistor (MOV) is the most common component used in surge suppressors found in homes and offices today. Often referred to as "surge protectors," such devices include:

• Power strips designed to protect multiple electrical devices from surges
• Uninterrupted power supply surge protectors that have a battery that kicks in if the power has to be stopped because of a surge
• Primary surge protectors installed where power lines enter buildings

Surge Arrester

A surge arrester is specifically designed to protect your home's power system from damage caused by lightning. As the name suggests, these devices work by stopping the surge of power caused by the lightning strike before it can reach your electrical system. When a power surge comes through the arrester, it's sent to the ground or to the insulation. It also has an MOV semiconductor, which acts as a conductor at high voltages.

With surge protectors, look for ones with indicator lights so you can tell when a surge is taking place. Pay particular attention to the UL listing since some surge protectors are only UL listed for the power cord. Choose ones listed according to "UL 1449" standards specific to surge protectors. Surge arresters are listed based on the same standards. For maximum protection, have an electrician install both types in your home.


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