Monday, April 18, 2016

Being Aware of Electrical Risks Helps Lessen the Likelihood of a Fire

In 2013, there were 17,353 structural fires in the state of Massachusetts. Of these, 1,765 occurred in the western part of the state that includes the counties of Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden and Hampshire. Statewide, 19 percent of these fires were caused by electrical problems. This number increased to 36 percent in 2014.

Simple Fire Safety Practices

If space heaters or other heat-producing products are used, there should be adequate, clear space to keep items around them from getting too hot and igniting. Clothing or other items should never be laid on them either. Another thing to keep in mind is how extension cords are used. You can avoid overloading an extension cord by looking at its size. If the extension cord is smaller in diameter than the cord of the item that it is being connected to, it can likely overheat because it is not capable of handling all the current that is running through it.

Install Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors by nature must detect smoke to activate. However, by having them strategically placed within the home, they can sound the alarm early enough to allow the fire to be extinguished before it becomes serious. These advanced devices can help you save your investment apart from protecting your family from the dangers of fire.

Hire an Electrician

Electricians can help by ensuring outlets are installed properly. They can also conduct inspections to identify damage or wear that could increase the risk of a fire. It is important to have the correct size fuses or breakers to prevent overloaded circuits as well.


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