Monday, February 20, 2017

How Electricians Can Help You Prepare Your Home for Strong Storms

Severe storms and other similar forces of nature can deal a variety of dangerous electrical situations in and around the home. Lightning, downed power lines, wet electrical equipment, power surges—these are just a few of the electrical safety hazards that come with storms. Here’s how to protect yourself, your family, and the electrical equipment in your home from these hazards.
A direct lightning strike can damage a home in various ways. Exterior electrical equipment such as air conditioners and heaters can be potentially destroyed. And if lightning’s power carries into the home via electrical wires, home appliances can be damaged as well. The correct lightning protection installed by a competent electrician can help your home fend off lightning damage.
Downed power lines
Electrocution from downed power lines is a major source of fatalities in floods. Most people think that downed power lines snap and crackle like they do in movies, but in real life, like coiled snakes, downed power lines tend to look harmless—until you get too close to them. When you see a downed power line, keep back, and call your utility provider.
Wet electrical equipment
If your home succumbed to floods, then wet electrical equipment is a possibility, and a serious safety risk. When electrical systems get wet, they need to be examined by a qualified electrician before being used. Additionally, electrical equipment that get submerged in flood should be discarded and replaced.
Power surges
Power surges happen when electricity is interrupted then started again. This can be damaging to electrical equipment, so it helps to have a surge protector installed in your home. To protect ALL your equipment, have whole house surge protections installed by your electrician.
For added protection, it can be helpful to have an alternative source of energy in your home, such as a generator. With a generator, you ensure your home has power during a storm, even when power goes out. A generator can also protect your appliances from power surges.
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